Monday, December 5, 2016

Project 2 - Floating Platform - Completed

After adding an emissive map and pretty much redoing the entire diffuse map.. The platform is completed! It is viewable on Sketchfab below!

Project 3- House Update

To the house, I added a series of props so it fills out the environment more. I have two things left I need to do with the props overall before I consider it completed. I need to add a metal / roughness mask to the all the metal parts, and touch up on some of the textures I am not a huge fan of. All of the weapons are low-poly since they are smaller parts on the scene.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Project 3 - Blacksmith House - WIP

This was a fun project!! I am planing on creating props to add to this house to give it a better feel for blacksmithing. The props can be seen in the concept art. :)

Project 2 - Floating Platform - WIP

Here is my second Project. I am considering this a WIP, as we had some weather issues that cropped up. I plan on touching up the diffuse map and adding a particle effect on the crystals in UE4.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Semester 4: Project 1 Final

This is my updated version of the Cenarion Hatchling from World of Warcraft. These screenshots display a normal map, AO map, alpha mask, emissive map and diffuse map. The biggest difference between doing an environment piece and a creature has definitely been hiding the seams. Hiding the seams was a massive challenge on this project.

I am mostly pleased with how I textured everything and its most easily visible from the back.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Semester 4 Project 1 Update

I finished the high-res sculpt of the hippogryph hatchling, I referenced the updated hippogryph model that WoW has and tied some aspects to this baby version to update.

What I noticed about their improved art style is that the middle of the models tend to have tufts of fur or feathers, while the sides of the model stay pretty flat. It gives a great illusion that fur/feathers are coming off the model when it isn't. It makes the model fill out more and is quite smart. I used this technique on the rear of the hippogryph, lifting up three feathers.

I do plan on putting feathers around the hind ankles still, but I will save that for last.

My low-res model ended up being 4016 tris which is still higher than where I would like to be. Most of that geometry makes up the antlers, bird feet and making the model animation ready with circles around the joints and eyes.

My normal maps baked out fairly well. I will have to do some minor adjustments on them to make them perfect.

My next step for the last week is to texture and color the model and add the alphas in.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Semester 4: Venture Track

Along with doing a portfolio piece every month this semester, we have a class called "Venture". This class makes up start a pretend company and we have to create a business using different techniques we learned. The artists have banned together and decided to "start" a company to be an asset store. My first objective for this company is to make a few different material balls to better show off some digital painting and texturing skills.